Our management teams build industry leaders. We hold our teams to high standards but in exchange give them the resources and autonomy to do great things quickly. We are committed to improving and scaling businesses.

Our investment team adds value to our companies by recognizing patterns of success, providing flexible capital and unparalleled execution. We also assist with executive recruiting, using our extensive network to find the best candidates and collaborating with management to ensure the best fit.

Our Strategic Advisory Board members are current and former operations executives who act as sounding boards, advisors and mentors to our management teams. They work side by side with the Genstar investment team and our extensive network of sub-sector specialists.

We focus on global middle market companies headquartered in North America. We take control positions in companies that can benefit from our entrepreneurial and highly supportive approach. We serve on the boards of the companies in which we invest.

Our thesis-driven approach to investing gives us an unmatched understanding of the competitive landscape in our targeted sectors (and its sub-sectors). We use this information to source investments, meet industry leaders and identify M&A opportunities.

We make it our business, day in and day out, to know the sectors in which we invest. This makes us better partners to our management companies, who are able to hit the ground running to make big things happen quickly.

Our Sectors

We solely invest in four sectors, and look for cross-vertical opportunities to leverage our experience within these sectors.

Financial Services

As large financial services companies strive to become more competitive, they will increasingly rely on third party providers for distribution and technology tools and services. This is where we invest. We look for companies with strong growth trends, high levels of recurring revenue, high switching costs and compelling returns.


Genstar invests in the healthcare industry to capitalize on the increasing demand for healthcare and the need for cost containment. We target companies providing high value products and services with minimal risk. We look for niche sub-sector healthcare, life science and pharmaceutical companies that focus on technology, outsourcing, consumer interaction, and data and analytics.


Increased global industrial production, automation and productivity are often coupled with more complex engineering requirements. We invest in companies that manufacture or distribute products and deliver services that meet these needs via differentiated technology, applications, capabilities or scale. We look for low to moderate cyclicality, recurring revenue, and strong growth and margin characteristics.


Genstar targets mission-critical application software businesses that are market leaders in vertical market segments. These software businesses enjoy large customer bases with high levels of recurring revenue, established track records, low capital spending, and unique domain expertise and/or intellectual property.

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