May 22, 2017

Boyd Corp Completes Acquisition of Aavid Thermalloy

Boyd Emerges as a Global Leader in Thermal Management Solutions

MODESTO, CALIFORNIA, May 17, 2017—Boyd Corporation, a global leader in thermal management and environmental sealing solutions, today announced the acquisition of Aavid Thermalloy. The newly acquired business will operate as a division of Boyd Corporation, helping further differentiate the Boyd brand – a name that carries almost 100 years of tradition and vision committed to responsiveness to customer needs and technological evolution.

“We are extremely excited to be coming together with Aavid, a true market leader in thermal management solutions.  Led by their best-in-class engineering team, Aavid has built an unparalleled product portfolio to solve the increasing market challenges of thermal management,” said Boyd Corporation President and CEO, Mitch Aiello. “The integration of technology into today’s products is increasing at incredible rates across both traditional and non-traditional applications like network solutions, telematics, commercial lighting and avionics. Effective heat management continues to be critical to design innovation. Aavid has developed a powerful combination of technical talent and market brand-equity, both of which we plan to maintain and rely upon as we move the combined business forward and help fortify Boyd’s foundational commitment to solving customers’ energy management challenges.”

Through this transaction, Boyd has bolstered expertise in active and passive thermal management accretive to key strengths in heat spreading, EMI shielding, optically clear adhesives, electrical, acoustic and thermal insulation, acoustic filtration, vibration absorption and mechanical damping. New customers and distribution networks will also benefit from access to global expertise in environmental sealing like display gaskets, o-rings, water and dust ingress seals, air filtration and management, extruded seals and self-adhesive gaskets. These diverse and complex solutions drive value to global customers by optimizing product performance and efficiency, preventing unintended device failure, minimizing wear and tear and extending product lifecycles with a design velocity that accelerates development time-to-market.

Along with its Modesto, California, headquarters, Boyd’s manufacturing and design hubs now span North America, Europe and Asia including facilities in the United States, Canada, Germany, Italy, Vietnam, Thailand, Korea, China, Taiwan, and India.

About Boyd Corporation

Boyd Corporation is a global provider of thermal management and environmental sealing solutions critical to products that keep the world running. The company operates in markets around the world with specific expertise in engineering and design, manufacturing and supply chain management and commits to proactive customer satisfaction across electronics, mobile computing, medical technology, transportation, aerospace and other B2B and consumer-critical industries. For nearly 100 years, the Boyd brand has represented stability, adaptability and vision along with employing the most experienced team in the industry. Boyd Corporation: One Company, Many Solutions. Visit us at

About Aavid Thermalloy

Aavid, through its global network of manufacturing and design centers, provides a broad range of technologically advanced thermal management solutions for aerospace and defense, telecommunication, LED lighting, server, data center, consumer electronics, transportation, and industrial applications to customers all over the world. Visit us at



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